After an awesome 8+ miles tempo run on Thursday I felt a little tweak in my left shin. Soooo… I am forcing myself to take it easy this weekend. I’m battling my inner demons and Mother Nature’s calling to get out there and run.

Well, at least I can write about running while I rest!

Normally, I would push through a little ache like this, but I am striving to be smarter than my old self. Is that called wisdom? No, I’m certainly not wise quite yet  I just figure that I better listen to my body as I dare to envision a successful double-dip… a May marathon with myTEAM TRIUMPH coupled with a sub 3-hour showing in June.

This too shall pass.

Like the weather, in the grand scheme, my preparations continue to trend positive. After this short respite, I plan to gear up for the Dick Lytie half marathon in Green Bay next weekend. This epically hilly jaunt should give me a good idea of where I stand as winter slowly gives way to spring. A perfect checkpoint.

I sincerely hope that your training has been fun and invigorating. Isn’t it just a blessing to get outside and savor? A season of faith and hope.

Here is an emoji creation that I threw together after a long run last weekend…

running emoji

Can you relate?

Until next time, wishing you more miles and happiness. Enjoy today!

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