Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly since my past report.

The good… On March 19th I ran the Dick Lytie half-marathon in Green Bay. The timing of this race worked well for a tune-up and check of my fitness. I felt really good and finished with a time 1:26 flat beating last year’s time by 20 seconds. Without deeply researching, I think this is my best time ever at this grueling race up and down the delightful ridges of the Bay shore.

The bad… During my last post, I mentioned some “discomfort” in my ankle. Well, after living in the denial of believing it was improving, reality hit me right around Easter. It was getting worse – for sure! I especially noticed it while riding on waterslides at in indoor waterpark with my kids. A small spot on my shin grew increasingly sensitive to the touch as my boys bumped it while launching ourselves on a shared tube. A short run the next day proved more painful than ever… Hello stress fracture.

The ugly… No running until late April. 🙁  This throws a wrench in my plans and goals, but I’ll survive.

Remember those tiered goals that I wrote about earlier? They really come into play now. Is a sub 3 hour marathon a reality? Probably not, but I have other goals to focus on. While I miss running tremendously, I’m keeping my body busy and mind sane by hitting the weights (I love P90X workouts!), stretching, and peaceful walks. I’ve made the choice to view this is an opportunity to improve in so many other ways.

Despite this setback in my training, I WILL be toeing that starting line on June 12th. My goals may be different, but my excitement for this event won’t waver. I can’t wait to make it five straight years 🙂

Until next time, wishing you more miles and happiness. Enjoy today!

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