Marathon week has arrived! My allergies have been really bothering me these past couple of weeks while doing some tempo runs and speed work. Whenever I’d pick up the pace my head started to hurt to the point that I’d have to slow down and let the headache go away. I’m going to make sure I keep taking allergy medication to hopefully feel better on race day. I’ve had a few hot days in there as well. I did my last 22 mile run when it was muggy and in the 80s, but I handled things really well. I averaged a 6:28 per mile pace and was actually planning to keep it 30 seconds slower than that per mile, but I felt fine so I just went with it.

I did run into an issue with a knot build up in my hip where it was just really tight. For 3 weeks I’d massage it out and feel fine while I ran. It would just return and I’d have to massage it out all over again. I decided to have a procedure called dry needling done to loosen it up. They take a very fine needle and go into the knot to immediately release it. It’s not as bad as it sounds, the needle is so fine and there isn’t any blood. While I was there, I had them dry needle my tight calf muscle as well. I’ve noticed a big difference.

At this point, I have been doing less volume in my training. The last three weeks have been 70% or less of my highest mileage week. I stop strength training for the last two weeks. I’ve also been trying to have a healthy runner’s diet. I’ve turned down birthday cake twice this week so it’s been a challenge. I have also been completely avoiding caffeine. I’ve found that if I stay away from it for 2 weeks and then take it about 45 min -1hr before the start of a race, it really has a strong impact on me.

Good luck to everyone this weekend!