Drinking enough water everyday has always been an issue for me. I’d much rather reach for that sugary cup of bubbly soda or a sweet coffeehouse drink. Staying hydrated is SO important so I try to make it a little more fun by infusing my water with fresh organic fruit.

Today’s combination is organic limes, lemons, cucumbers and a few mint leaves. Sounds strange but it’s SO refreshing. I make it up the night before and let it infuse in my Nalgene bottle in the refrigerator overnight.

Note: if you are going to make your own infused water, PLEASE make sure your produce is ORGANIC. You don’t want pesticide covered fruits and veggies contaminating your water.

Have you added infused water to your training plan? If so, let me know your favorite flavor combination.

If you need inspiration, here are a few recipes that I found on Pinterest.