I finished off the month of April with 256.5 miles. My last race was Run Away to the Bay, a 55.6 mile relay race from Oshkosh to Green Bay. I was on 1st place Overall team with an awesome group of 6 runners.

I just finished my last 70 mile week and have now moved into the taper phase of my training. It’s hard to believe the marathon is only 5 weeks away. My longest training run is now 22 miles. I did it at a 6:37 per mile average and it felt pretty comfortable and I never do my long runs at race pace for the full distance.

I am hoping on race day I can keep the pace below 6 minutes per mile. This past Wednesday I did a 17.5 mile run practicing my marathon pace. I warmed up for 12 minutes and then did marathon pace segments of 4 mi, 3.5 mi, 2.5 mi, 1.5 mi, and .75 mi and cooled down for 12 minutes. I got 1 minute of active recovery for each mile ran in the segment (example: 4 mi = 4 minutes, 3.5 mi = 3 minutes 30 seconds.) Most of my miles were in the upper 5:40s to the lower 5:50s on a windy day. This type of workout really helps to build my confidence and see where I am at to set a more realistic goal.

From this point, my overall weekly mileage will be dropping. I will focus on more quality work and less volume. My weekly mileage will drop to 56 miles this week, 49 miles for the two weeks after that, and then 42 miles the week prior to marathon week.