I am just passed the halfway point in my marathon training. The challenges I have been facing are the weather constantly changing from spring to winter and back to spring again. I am hoping spring is here to stay this time. I had few colds here and there also throwing me off my game. However, I still have hit my workouts and goal weekly mileage. Some days I had to turn to the treadmill in order to get my speed work in. Other days were pretty windy and I just went by what felt right. I need to train for a less than ideal race day as well to be fully prepared.

So far my longest distance in this training plan has been 20 miles, I completed them comfortably on two occasions. However the 18 mile runs that include tempo training are the hardest. I swapped my last interval session to run the Badger State 10K. I placed 2nd overall, but I paced a little slower than I was hoping. I am content with how I did considering I was dealing with a small cold and the temperatures had just dropped rather rapidly compared to earlier that week. I had also just done an 18 mile run the Tuesday before so I could still get my long run in. My ankles have been pretty sore, but they have been feeling fine while I am running. I have been using a foam roller and paying close attention to the calves and that seems to be loosening up those tight tendons.

Overall, training has been going fine. I believe I am on track, but I could use a few positive workouts for confidence to ensure I can hit the pace I am hoping for at the HFM Maritime Marathon. I can usually get a better idea when my taper starts.