The last month went by fast. Training is still going good for me. I finished off April with 298 miles. I’ve been doing some experimenting using my Zero Runner to extend some of my long runs. On April 8th I ran 20 miles outside followed by another 5 miles on my Zero Runner. On April 29th I did 22 miles outside and another 4.2 on the Zero Runner to make it a full marathon with less impact at the end. In the past my longest run before the marathon has been 22 miles. I am curious how this will help me.

On April 22nd, I ran Run Away to the Bay (55 mile Relay) with a relay team of 5. Since I had a training run of 17 miles anyway I asked my team if I could take three consecutive segments totaling to 17.4 miles. They were also OK with me doing it like my workout. Being in that race mindset allowed me to really feel how ready I was. I did 2 miles to warm up, 3 miles at my threshold pace, 8 miles, another 3 miles at threshold, and finished my race segment to the end to cool down. I ended up pacing fast being in that race mindset, but not so fast I wore myself out. I definitely had more in me. The overall average was a 6:09 pace for the whole thing and I kept the threshold miles from around 5:35-5:45 per mile.My team brought me water every 3 miles and I am very grateful for that. It helped build up my confidence that my training is paying off. We ended up finishing in 1st place for the Men’s team.

I did end up getting a bit sick with slight body pains, chills, and I felt somewhat feverish although I didn’t have a fever. Luckily it was on a recovery week and I managed to get a couple days off while still getting my mileage in for the week.

At this point being 6 weeks out, I am in the middle of my last 80 mile week. I just keep telling myself that after this week training will be a lot easier.

Here is my training log for April if anyone is curious. I hope training is going good for everyone else also.