My name is Jamie and I’m a runner…… not the fastest runner, but a runner. After starting my own business in 2012, my health was put on the back-burner and my focus became solely focused on surviving entrepreneurship.  My health declined, I gained a significant amount of weight and was just overall unhappy. I new something had to change. Running became my therapy and I enjoy the time being “unplugged” from everything.
Now in early 2017, I have completed 30+ 5Ks, 6 10Ks and 6 Half Marathons in just the last 18 months. I have three four-legged running buddies who keep me committed to my training. My pace isn’t great (yet) but I work on it and I do it for me. I don’t run for anyone else….. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Making Hydration Fun Again…..

Making Hydration Fun Again…..

Drinking enough water everyday has always been an issue for me. I’d much rather reach for that sugary cup of bubbly soda or a sweet coffeehouse drink. Staying hydrated is SO important so I try to make it a little more fun by infusing my water with fresh organic...

Embracing The Wisconsin “Winter”!

Mother Nature is giving us a break and handing us some pretty decent weather in Wisconsin. It’s time to get my training program back on track and focus on improving my pace time. My four-legged training buddies are also itching to get back outside and knock out...